Uob Corporate Cardmember Agreement

A selection of companies that welcome your regular payments: – Pure Yoga – Fitness First – Evolve Mixed Martial Arts – StarHub – M1 – Singapore Recreation Club . UOB Corporate Cardmember Agreement for Sole Corporate Liability or Joint – Several Liability Programme; and/or note that effective March 9, 2020, foreign exchange administration fees for UOB Commercial SGD/USD/HKD cards will be increased from 2.8% to 3% at the converted amount. Please note: Terms and Conditions – Loyalty bonus programs vary between different American Express cards. Depending on the American Express card you have, you can collect cash-back points, membership rewards points or KrisFlyer miles on your billing fees. 1. By completing this form, you will agree to these terms and conditions of sale (provided that American Express is changed from time to time). 2. Successful registration to the American Express Automatic Bill Payment is subject to approval by American Express and related billing organizations. If no authorization is granted, please take other payment terms with the corresponding settlement organizations. 3. Please allow two to six weeks to process your registration for American Express Automatic Bill Payment.

Please continue to pay your bill to the relevant billing agency until you see the amount on your American Express card snippet. 4. If you wish to terminate the American Express Express Automatic Bill Payment instructions, please contact the appropriate billing organizations. StarHub customers must call the dealer directly and terminate payment instructions. 5. If you cancel or lose your American Express Card, please make other payment arrangements with the relevant billing organizations. 6. If your American Express Card account number changes (including a renewal or replacement card), please notify the appropriate billing organizations to continue this American Express Automatic Bill Payment agreement. 7.

Successful American Express Automatic Bill payment agreements with related billing organizations may be subject to the possibility that your American Express Card account will remain in good condition and not be cancelled or suspended for any reason. 8. You guarantee that the above information is true and accurate and authorizes American Express to verify the information contained in this form. You also expressly ensure that your personal data is updated with the information provided, which relays all previous information you have provided to American Express, and that collects, processes and uses your personal data in accordance with the terms of confidentiality and use of the personal data contained in your card member`s contract.


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