Siemens Cloud Service Agreement

After more than a year of using CloudCheckr, more than 100 Siemens employees regularly use CloudCheckr to check for cloud security vulnerabilities, unexpected costs, and follow-up on safety and cost optimization recommendations. Siemens Mobility enables rail operators and maintenance operators around the world to make infrastructure smart, sustainably increase value throughout the lifecycle and ® availability through the use of Railigent: ensuring the rail solution for safe and reliable use of big data in a cloud environment. With a combination of comprehensive domain knowledge, first-rate data analytics and customer and partner know-how® Railigent enables comprehensive asset management, optimized maintenance and safe operation. Railigent® monitors the physical infrastructure needed to keep rail transportation reliable and safe, but has turned to CloudCheckr to ensure that the cloud infrastructure on which it depends is just as safe. CloudCheckr is largely invisible to Railigent`s end customers – but those customers get a better product because CloudCheckr works, says Gluckner. “In general, our goal behind the decision to use cloud-based services, such as AWS, is a faster time-to-market,” he says. “CloudCheckr helps us focus on the right things.” As a result, end-customers benefit from a safer platform that also better meets their needs. From a cost perspective, team members can review a case report and rank it based on potential savings, allowing them to focus on changing the size of cases where the potential savings are one dollar per hour, not two cents per hour. Gluckner estimates that, thanks to CloudCheckr`s recommendations, Railigent continues to save up to 20% of the total cost of the cloud. Even before the launch of Railigent, it was clear that Siemens needed to find a way to automate cloud security monitoring beyond what is immediately available with AWS.

While individual developers can`t change the PRODUCTION AWS account, the CONTINUOUS Integration/Continuous Deployment (CICD) pipeline means it`s important to immediately absorb things like changes in security groups or published S3 buckets when developers work in the AWS development account. The AWS-based application suite is used by rail companies around the world to monitor and optimize their physical resources and infrastructure. The physical assets to monitor – z.B, trains, tracks and signals – are configured to send reports through a secure channel to a cloud-based data lake, which is operated by AWS. End-users sign up for the Railigent interface and use the information collected and analyzed by Railigent to reduce maintenance costs, reduce unforeseen downtime and improve overall efficiency. Siemens` Railigent Application Suite helps rail companies optimize their infrastructure and facilities by proactive data monitoring and analysis, reducing maintenance costs and unforeseen downtime, and improving the competitiveness of rail transportation as a whole. A violation of Railigent`s safety would not cause a crash, but it would increase customer maintenance costs and result in delays or decreased train availability. From the outset, it was clear that Siemens would need a way to monitor the digital infrastructure and resources of the AWS-based Railigent ecosystem to ensure it remains as secure as possible and to control IT costs. CloudCheckr has optimized Railigent`s security protocols to ensure that developers can easily identify the most pressing security issues and reduce cloud costs by up to 20%. Siemens has strict corporate policies, as all developers and teams should know about cloud resources, but DWS billing reports only allow sorting by a day dimension – not enough granularity for achievable business prospects.


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