Apria Cpap Rental Agreement

My experience with Apria has been a total nightmare. The biggest culprits are the company`s total inability to provide information about their billing practices and what appears to be in its agreement with my insurance company and myself, double billing. I was never told that I was on a lease to rent Apria and my insurance. When I made the payment directly to Apria, I was told that it was the end of the process and that I owned the unit. We saw a fee for my insurance several times and we had to check to find out why, it took several hours with my own insurance agent to be frustrated with Apria, their agents do not understand the deal or the fees we have to pay. Our insurance agent tried to get them to explain their prices, and they did not comply with the agreement through my insurance. I had made a payment plan with our local office, but the billing department refuses to comply. You debited my current account twice. When I called, the accountant treated me like an idiot and refused to solve the problem. I had to fight and move on to payday to fix my account. That`s ridiculous. My doctor ordered a new pap machine.

I was told that my “rent” payments were $100 a month for 13 months, for a total of $1300. Medicare was charged 950 $US and paid $357.66 with an additional $493.80…. SOOOOO WHY I pay 1300 dollars plus the cost of deliveries???? It doesn`t make any sense to me…. I have a fixed income and they don`t even offer financial assistance…. I would give less than one star, In fact, I would give – 2500 stars and count if I could!! My insurance either pays to buy a C-Pap or for 6 months` rent, but NOT both. I was thinking of buying the machine for more than $2,500, but in the Jan, I found out that no, there was no rent! I was just on therapy for 1 month, so I frantically called my insurance to figure out how to fix this problem. They said they would like to help. They need Apria to re-introduce the bill as a credit purchase for payments that have already been made, and they would cover the rest! (I had filled my franchise in 2019, but not in 2020) Almost monthly phone calls with Apria and my insurance still haven`t solved this problem!! I can`t convince Apria to fix her bill, and I refuse to pay for an invoice already covered by my insurance. If you use health insurance to pay for your CPAP, your insurance company will determine whether they pay as a purchase or as a rental. Most insurance companies pay on a rental basis, usually for about 10 months. Many insurance companies follow Medicare guidelines for CPAP devices. This happens because the purchase of the full CPAP machine may be cheaper than all payments made over the rental period.

This also depends heavily on your personal health insurance. Why do I have to start over after 9 months of rent just because I change my insurance? If you have some experience in purchasing CPAP accessories, you may have noticed that many insurance companies require patients to rent their CPAP machines. This rental plan replaces the ability to purchase the CPAP machine directly. Instead of paying a flat price, the machine is purchased per month, usually for about 10 months.


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