Voorbeelden Service Level Agreement

Agreement on the level of service, agreement on the level of service. 13 4 Service Levels Maintenance 4.1 Release Management A mechanism for controlling the initiation, implementation and evaluation of changes in applications through the creation of RFC. The preference is to work with an annual publication schedule, including: 1. Dates of completion of the Releases for next year 2. The dates on which the production takes place responsible for the annual creation for November 1 Timeliness Create on the agreed date Release Calendar for maintenance (and projects) Make the change me.b.t agreed delivery date to agree by mutual agreement between the coordination of the Customer Commission> and the exit manager. Annual calendar for December 1st At least 85% of orders are one-time compared to the agreed customer delivery date> and overall Reliability Exactitude and completeness of the first proposed solution. 90% of the RFCs performed must be delivered correctly at once> 13/18 SLAs are also seen when outsourcing the operational management of data centers and corporate telephone centres. In corporate phone centres, much is done to get a fixed price for a transfer (for example. B a move). In addition, agreements are reached on the implementation and cost of a number of transfers. Some examples: 17 5 Structure 5.1 GeneralS This service level report (SLR) refers to work outsourced by the client> and which refers to the management and maintenance of applications (cluster): Xxx xxx The starting point is that the report on service indicators contained in ALS and measurable.

The measurement and reporting are monthly: on the basis of the last period and cumulatively on the basis of the current year`s periods. to deliver no later than ten business days after the deadline has expired. At a later stage, it may seem that not all reports add value or that it is preferable for some service indicators to account for only exceptions. This can lead to an adaptation of this reporting structure. Changes in service level may also result in changes in the structure of the report that are defined in this document. Application> 17/18 3 Table of Materials version… 4 Distribution List Introduction Of SLA Related Documents Approval and Management SLA Introduction Scope of Service Delivery Services Management Services Maintenance Service Levels Management Helpdesk Incident Management (Second Line) Incident Management (Second Line) Incident Management (Second Line) Incident Management (Manutention of Issues) Quick Shop Services Standby work Services Management ServiceLevels Maintenance Exit Management Software Control and Distribution> Software


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