Uae And Israel Agreement In Hindi

UAE to be third country in Arab nations UAE will be the third country to initiate diplomatic relations with Israel in Arab nations. Today, only Egypt and Jordan have diplomatic relations with Israel. Egypt reached a peace agreement with Israel in 1979, followed by Jordan in 1994. Mauritania recognized this in 1999 but ended relations with Israel`s war in Gaza in 2009. Under the agreement, the United Arab Emirates will be the third Arab country to have diplomatic relations with Israel. Previously, Egypt and Jordan already had diplomatic relations with Israel. The President of the United States played a role in this agreement. He is said to have agreed with his Twitter handle. In 1979, Egypt signed a peace agreement with Israel for the first time. Egypt`s accession was also revoked by the Arab League as a sanction for the agreement. Jordan is the second country to sign a peace agreement with Israel after Egypt in 1994.

In the Middle East, new opportunities were opened up for Israel after the creation of relations with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. However, countries such as Iran and Turkey have expressed and condemned their strong opposition to this new beginning of the recognition of Israel by the countries of the Middle East. After this agreement, the Islamic world is excited. Iran and Turkey reacted strongly to the agreement. The Iranian Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying it was like killing daggers on the backs of all Muslims. In its statement, the ministry called normal relations with the two countries “shameful” and dangerous and warned the UAE to interfere in the “political equation” of the Persian Gulf region.


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